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Gtro Seri Update by IshiraTsubasa Gtro Seri Update by IshiraTsubasa
Name: Seri
Job: Sorceress 
Age/BD: 16 / Aug 1st
Height: unknown (she doesnt let people measure her)
Hometown: Juno


At a young age, Seris mother enrolled her into a private school based on training young Mages to become strong Scholars. She never really got along with her mother, and her mother was quite tired of her and spent little to no time with Seri. Seris father though, played with her all the time and showed her all the spells she used to annoy her mother. Being a Warlock he knew many elemental spells that he had started to teach Seri before his death. It was shortly after this that her mother took advantage of the situation and got rid of her. This was the last she ever saw her family, and soon it became clear to her that this was not just a private school. It was a temple, and all of the students were female. Seri learned the basics of survival, and soaked up knowledge eagerly becoming quickly the star apprentice of the headmistress. Seri though did not wish to become just a mage, and dipped into magic she probably shouldnt have. After an incident that lead her into learning more about the temple then she should of, Seri developed her quiet nature along with a seal on her back. The seal itself protects her and those around her, or at least that was what she was told by the Headmistress. Seri knows little about the seal, but doesnt attempt to touch it because it rarely draws her attention. Because of her outgoing, experimental nature, Seri was directed into the world she knew little about. The temple no longer fed her knowledge, and while she knew they were having her leave out of fear of what she would do next, she was happy to go. 

Shortly after leaving the Temple, Seri gained interest in a female Warlock named Ishra. Ishras magic has since then been one of the most interesting things she has ever studied as it doesnt follow any of the text book information she has ever read. Through studying Ishras magic, Seri was introduced into PvP, where she became addicted in fighting and experiencing first hand challenges. Over the years of getting to know Ishra, the Warlock has become like a mother figure and best friend to Seri, thus becoming part of her extended family. 

Facts About Seri
~ She doesnt really know her age, but shes guessed it due to her own growth
~ She is very quiet until a topic she is interested in comes up
~Since animals and men were not allowed in the temple (except for a stray priest here and there) Seri has a large interest in them 
~ If she finds someone or something interesting, she follows it. And she will continue following it until something new gets her attention or until she feels she has learned enough about this thing. 
~Though she is small, she packs a punch. Seri knows combat like the back of her hand, not just specializing in magic but also in hand to hand combat
~She wears a bunny band constantly, rarely taking it off since its a gift from her father.
~Shes addicted to PvP
~A small boy in Ishras family has slowly become her favorite Person.

Bunny Band
Book of Apocalypse
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EcoRuins Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
she is so cute omg
Huuxera Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay new char sheet!!
IshiraTsubasa Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
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ShadowAxe Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015  Student Writer
All grown up and trailing flames!
IshiraTsubasa Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Hehehhehe she's going to be fun to rp with. I'm going to make her a retrospring soon
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